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Suzanne Hetzel, TWSA, PWS

Email: suzannehetzel@yahoo.com
Website: www.dragonflywatercolors.com

Photo of Suzanne Hetzel

Suzanne is a Chicago area artist, originally from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She's worked as a commercial artist, written and illustrated the children's book ‘Nony the Pirate’, designed textiles for R.A. Briggs, and taught various commercial design courses at College of Du Page, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She currently teaches watercolor, drawing, and studio classes. Suzanne has lived and painted throughout the United States and travels extensively.

As TWSA President from 2007-2009, Suzanne's creativity and passion were instrumental in developing many successful partnerships, from working closely with our TWSA Masters to partnering with the Kenosha Museum where our 2009 Exhibition and Celebrate Watercolor Dinner was held.

Recently, Suzanne has been painting in other opaque media (acrylic, water soluble oils), with a focus on women and their life experiences. She states, "Artists cannot be defined by a media or a subject. Their inspiration and form of expression must change to keep growing creatively".

Suzanne is Founder and Past President of the Kendall Arts Guild, Kendall County, Illinois, and Founder and lifetime member of the Antioch Fine Arts Foundation.