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Painting by Sheryl Fletcher Coon

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Sheryl Fletcher Coon

Email: twsaexhibition@aol.com

Sheryl Fletcher Coon has been an officer on the Board of Directors of TWSA for 10 years. Her first two years she served as Secretary before taking on the task of Vice President/Exhibition Chair. Sheryl organizes and works on the prospectus and the Café website as well as coordinating with the Kenosha Public Museum. Along with guiding the Jurors in all aspects of rating and final selection for the annual exhibition, she helps all of the artists with their questions and concerns.

Sheryl found her passion for the medium of watercolor after becoming an empty nester. She participates in the annual workshops and has found the instructors and fellow artists to be an abundance of support and ongoing education.

Sheryl is a Southern Girl, having been raised in the Sunshine State. She is Mother of two happily married sons, Nana to two grandchildren and married to the love of her life, Russell, for 40 years.

Sheryl Fletcher Coon
Transparent Watercolor Society of America
1st Vice President/Exhibition Chair