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Painting by Lenox Wallace

President Emeritus / Historian

Lenox Wallace, TWSA Master

Website: lenoxwallace.com

Photo of Lenox Wallace

Lenox is an Illinois retired Art Teacher, with a BA and MA in Education. Painting in watercolor since 1982, studying with Irv Shapiro 2 summers, she's been a signature member of the TWSA since 1985, her work has appeared in 2 Splash books, is owned by museums and private owners throughout the US and two galleries have represented her work for over 20 years.

As President in 2009-2011, Lenox focused on overseeing and supporting an organization that continues to grow, from expanded workshops to a social media presence. Lenox is currently serving as historian where she can be found scanning stacks and stacks of historical data into data files which will streamline our operation significantly.

Lenox teaches workshops, runs critiques and creates demos for art schools, workshop venues and art leagues.