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Painting by Jill Witty

1st Vice President and Signature Chair

Donna Jill Witty, TWSA Master, AWS, NWS

Email: donnajillwitty@mac.com

Website: www.donnajillwitty.com

Photo of Jill Witty

Donna Jill Witty attended the University of Florida and the American Academy of Art, in Chicago. She works exclusively in watercolor earning Signature Status in TWSA in 1996 and Master Status in 2007. She served on the Board as Signature Screening Chair from 1999-2006 and took up the reins again in 2014. She currently serves as both Signature Screening Chair and 1st Vice President.

Jill teaches watercolor workshops and exhibits her paintings nationally and internationally. She attributes her stubborn insistence on traveling to the influence of her grandmother. “Travel not only enriches the painting experience,” she states, “it expands you from the inside out, adding extra layers to your self as well as to your work. Along with a love and appreciation for all the arts, this is what my grandmother taught me.”

Jill’s work appears in many books and magazines. She authored full articles for three different watercolor publications as well as a complete chapter for the North Light book, “Watercolor Secrets”.

In 2007, Jill became an Honorary National Advisor to the TWSA Board, a position she still holds.

  • TWSA Master
  • Lifetime member of TWSA
  • AWS
  • NWS